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At Eswatini Coding School, we are all about growing a generation of youth of the Kingdom of Eswatini and outside the Kingdom, to help build a sustainable economy for the future

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Eswatini Coding School is a technology and media education-focused NGO. Since its establishment in 2021, the organization has been assisting kids, youth and adults with computer literacy and media literacy. This has been and continues to be achieved through having physical classes, community visits for training and school visits.


After a study in some developing countries such as India and Kenya states that students or kids start computer classes at an early stage. Most of these students reach an advanced level of computer at primary school and high school level where they are able to develop websites, mobile applications and robots and have some opportunities in big tech companies such as Google (an example a 13-year-old from India employed by Google)


We have designed a number of activities which some we run online and mostly offline (Physical) to engage:

  • Communities
  • Schools
  • Tertiary Institutions
  • Private & Public Sector

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All the projects we have managed to complete, have ongoing and those we plan for are undoubtedly a result of all the sponsorships we have received to make it all a reality. We invite you to join in and be part of making a difference!